West Hawaii Explorations Academy

West Hawaii Explorations Academy is currently housed on a 1.5 acre site at the Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology (HOST) Park at Keahole Point in Kona. To accommodate the growing student enrollment, Hawaii’s first Charter High and Middle School plans to relocate to a new 4.8 parcel at HOST, a site that is essentially a stark lava field.

Ki Concepts was the landscape architect on an interdisciplinary team led by Ferraro Choi and Associates assisting the Project Based Learning school create a sustainable master plan for an anticipated 300 students. Facilities include classrooms, administrative offices, conference rooms, STEM, wet laboratories, computer laboratories and a certified kitchen/servery. The campus design features a shark/reef/touch pool, an amphitheater and agriculture and aquaponic project areas in a village arrangement.

Sustainable site design strategies include the use of pervious and soil stabilized paving, stormwater infiltration, high efficiency irrigation, native/xeriscape planting and planting beds for student initiated agricultural projects using deep sea ocean water for cool temperature crops and condensate irrigation water.