University of Hawai`i at West Hawai`i

Scope of Work included the site design multi-purpose entry gathering space including grading, hardscape, landscape planting and irrigation system design, LEED Platinum Certification documentation, bidding and construction administration services. xeriscape landscape with renaturalized lava rocks, reclaimed water drip irrigation system design, grading, and “marae” gathering place design for the student center at West Hawai’i University of Hawai’i Campus located in Keahole, Hawai’i.
The landscape for the proposed campus includes native and adaptive tree, shrub, and groundcover planting. Irrigation system will utilize R-3 water source coming from on-site wastewater treatment facility. Concept for landscape improvements is to provide multi-functioning landscape that provide shelters, reduce and capture stormwater, help recharge the area’s aquifer, reduce waste water disposal, reduce reliance on the limited potable water resources, reduce maintenance costs, increase aesthetics, and provide orientation. Renaturalized lava is used throughout the site to reduce water requirements and fit with the unique landscape character of the area and unify various buildings and uses by creating a cohesive landscape ambience. The new landscape will blend in with the surrounding lava field and unique environment of Kona areas by restoring native flora and reusing on-site lava materials as groundcover. The proposed “marae” area, a modern interpretation of Polynesian concept by Ki Concepts, will be used for formal gathering and welcoming activities.
The proposed landscape plan will provide ecological functions for native habitat, wastewater recycling, and stormwater runoff retention, which not only reduce irrigation water requirements but also allow some water quality treatment.