Honolulu Zoo Asian Tropical Forest Elephant Exhibit

Ki Concepts was charged with creating a lush Asian Tropical environment taking visitors along the edge of a forest looking into a clearing where the elephants gather at a watering hole. Trees and taller plants on the north side of the path serve as the forest edge and focus visitor’s attention into the exhibit. The taller plants were also used in between viewing areas on the south side of the path to block views and create a sense of discovery going from viewing area to viewing area. The plants chosen were either from SE Asia, or local plants that look like they could be from that region. These non-edible plants were kept at a distance from the elephants while edible plants such as bananas, sugar cane and sweet potato were planted for the staff to feed the elephants and other animals at the Zoo. Six gunnite planters with plantings were located in the exhibit to provide shade for the elephants to encourage them to be closer to the viewing areas and to block views of the “back house” of the exhibit (transfer gates, holding pen).