Hele on Kaka`ako

Ki Concepts aims to increase public awareness of local culture, environmental sustainability, community and health through imaginative, aesthetically pleasing and practical designs. Community service and volunteerism is an integral part of our firm’s culture.

A one day event promoting healthy lifestyles for cyclists and pedestrians called Hele On kaka`ako took place on Mother’s Day 2013. As part of this event Ki Concepts played a major role in executing the ‘Complete Streets’ portion, which is a design approach for streets to be planned, designed, operated and maintained to enable safe, convenient and comfortable travel for people of all ages and abilities regardless of their mode of transportation.

A new street layout including bike paths, curb extensions, bulb out areas for planting and traffic circles was created through the use of filtrexx soxx. Inside this temporary new infrastructure were containerized native trees, shrubs and groundcovers to help people visualize their urban environment with more green and usable space.

Ki Concepts staff spent the entire event getting our hands dirty! We installed and then eventually deconstructed the temporary street structures and at the end of the event, helped to organize that the plant material and filtrexx soxx were utilized in another community project.

Nothing went to waste, communities were educated and best of all everyone had FUN!