The Cliffs at Princeville

Ki Concepts has developed the overall Landscape Master Plan for the entire site and currently working with the association to design and implement various native plant gardens and landscape features of the Master Plan.  The concept of the masterplan was to enrich the Princeville community with Hawaii’s culture, integrating a resort lifestyle with hands on learning experience. Several themes were also employed as a means to convey the concept as well: restoring native vegetation zones, building themed gardens, using traditional building materials and methods of building, and constructing green infrastructure such as bioswales and rain gardens. 

After the master plan was accepted by the client, we moved onto the first phase which was the project entry and associated entry markers. The design consists of a contemporized ancient Hawaiian rock wall base for a backlit sign, which is set in the landscape and accentuated by native Hawaiian plants. Designed in the style of the entry sign, visitors are guided to the entrance by two smaller markers along Kaui Road adjacent to the property line.

The completion of the entry design marked the beginning of phase 2, the design of the landscape surrounding buildings 1 and 2. The scope for this included a schematic design that included areas for passive recreation, fruit picking, and plant propagation.