Kahala Complex- Tail Lot Design Complete

Construction @ the Kahala House continues to make progress. Meanwhile, our client was fortunate to acquire an empty lot adjacent to their property which will allow a connection to Kahala Ave. While the original design for the 3 houses was already complete, this new tail lot added almost 1/2  an acre to the site, giving us much more room to play.  

Using topography, planting, and the curvature of the drive, we designed a valley feel as you move, creating drama as you approach the main house.  Fruit trees and kalo are scattered within, calling out to the productive interior of the valley.  Pops of color along the contours emphasize the landscape topography. Above is a generous monkeypod/rainbow shower canopy.

One of the areas where private residential shines is in the fine details. The driveway itself is composed of reclaimed cobblestones from Europe. We designed the pattern to motivate forward momentum, like a river in the middle of the valley.

More to come- !!