High Capacity Transit Corridor

Ki Concept worked on 3 separate aspects of the High Capacity Transit Corridor Project including: the City Center Segment and Maintenance Storage Facility, West O`ahu & Farrington Highway Guideway and Kamehameha Highway.
General plans and drawing packages consisting of site, paving, planting and irrigation plans were developed to 30% level of design for six aerial transit station sites including; Iwilei, Chinatown, Downtown, Civic Center, Kaka`ako and Ala Moana. Ki Concepts also created plans for the connecting guideway medians, a maintenance and storage facility that features a green roof and required LEED silver certification, and six traction power substations. Each individual station was designed to be unique and reflect the surroundings and history of its locale. Pedestrian traffic flow, bike racks, safety concerns, art pieces and visual impact and connectivity through plants all played a large part in the layout of these designs.

Ki concepts also assisted an arborist in surveying existing trees located along 4 mile stretches of median on West O`ahu & Farrington guideway and Kamehameha highway and complied findings into a Tree Disposition Plan that was then implemented during construction. Upcoming work for these areas includes: designing temporary landscaping, irrigation systems, and best management plans for the medians which will feature bio-filtration swales and plantings to help treat the guideway downspout discharge near streams and other bodies of water.