Aloha to Christian Simafranca, Ki Intern, 2015. Best wishes on the next step of your journey!

Working at Ki Concepts has been an amazing experience for me. Everyone is so helpful and nurturing. They took time to teach me new skills and mentor me as an emerging professional. Here at Ki Concepts I had the opportunity to observe the majority of the design process from concept design to delivery of final drawings. I got to work on a range of projects and even got to work on a design build project.  It was always a great educational opportunity assist my mentors in their daily tasks and help out in all the things I could get my hands on. I was able to learn how important collaboration is in the practice of providing design services. Similarly I learned how important coordination is to ensure that the right information gets to the right individual in a desired format. Coming from an architecture background, as a graduate student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, my perspective was broadened working in a landscape architecture firm. I was thrilled to see some of the other considerations that are made in regards to the overall design aside from the building itself. It is amazing to see when a great landscape design complements a great building. Lastly, Ki Concepts has been supportive of my growth and education in the IDP process and it has been my great pleasure to have been a part of the Ki Concepts team. In the spring of 2016 I will be continuing to further my education through a practicum program abroad in Los Angeles. The experience ahead will be another exciting milestone in my long-term pursuit to finish my D. Arch degree and become a licensed architect. I will forever remember and value my experience here at Ki Concepts as I enthusiastically continue to move forward.